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We flown missions in Spain and Italy. We survided temperatures of less than -60º and winds of more than 300 km/h. We took photo of the black of the space and the curvature of the Earth. We have been the first to fly a 12 inch monitor to with an advertising movie to the stratosphere. Check it out!
We offer three packages:
Fly as main passenger of our standard capsule. Includes: Flight Preparation, Flight Execution, Air Traffic Permission, Flight Insurance, Raw Flight Photos and Video and the Flight Report.
We build a capsule according to your needs. Include all basic elements plus the capsule customisation.
Include all Advanced elements plus additional professional video recording on ground with a drone and the editing of all materials into a 2 minutes high quality video.
flights [nº]
Payload [grams]
Altitude [meters]
We are 5 friends. About 8 years ago we joined with the common dream of going to space. Now we are doing it!
Lorenzo Tarabini
Lorenzo Tarabini

Aerospace Engineer

Ground segment and communications.

    Rafa Rebolo
    Rafa Rebolo

    Fluidodynamics Professor

    Flight design and capsule preparation.

      Guillermo Rodriguez
      Guillermo Rodriguez

      Aeronautical Engineer

      Flight Avionics.

        Contact with us

        C. Veleta 10 Tres Cantos, Madrid
        Customer Support
        Correo electrónico: info@inzpace.com Teléfono: +34678631067